LGUP DLL for LG V940, V940N

LGUP DLL for LG V940

Here you can download the LGUP DLL for V940N Pad II 10.1 tablet.

LGUP DLL for LG V940

You can unbrick/restore LG V940 or LG V940N G Pad II 10.1 back to stock with LGUP.

The LGUP DLL provided from LG Offcial is used for LGUP Tool to detect the model number and software version of your tablet.

Download LGUP DLL For LG V940

  • File Name: LGUP_T1.DLL
  • Version:
  • Release date: July 29,2015
  • DLL Size: 2.65MB
  • Download: LGUP_V940.msi

How to install LGUP DLL for LG V930

Just download the LGUP_V940.msi and double click it to install the LGUP DLL for LG V940/V940N

After installing it, You can find the LGUP_T1.DLL in the folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\LG Electronics\LGUP\model\T1

Learn how to use LGUP, PLEASE check this Guide.

Visit this page to download the LGUP 1.14 Software.

if the LGUP dll for your tablet is not properly installed, You will get  “LGUP can’t load the model[C:\Program Files (x86)\LG Electronics\LGUP\model\common” error message.

To fix the “lgup cant load model” issue, You need to install a specific DLL for a specific device model.

In fact, Most of the LG device uses lgup_common.dll.

Uppercut.exe is another solution to fix the “lgup cant load model” issue.

The uppercut.exe provided by XDA developer is the simplest way to make LGUP work with your LG device.

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