B2CAppSetup.exe – LG Mobile Support Tool 1.9 –

Here you can download the latest LG Mobile Support Tool Version 1.9.0

csmg b2c client tool (LGUserCSTool.exe) is the updated version LG MOBILE SUPPORT TOOL

For those who are looking for csmg b2c client tool, Here you are: B2CAppSetup.exe

Download and install B2CAppSetup.exe will install the csmg b2c client tool onto your PC.


You can download and install LGMobileSupportTool.exe


You can download LG Mobile Support Tool Full Package B2CAppProg_1.9.0.0.cab

  • Filename: LGUserCSTool.exe
  • Size: 1.38MB
  • Developer: LG Electronics
  • Date updated: March 06. 2020

You can use the LG Mobile Support Tool to install the latest LG USB drivers for your phone.

To fix the software update issues, Please Go Option – Upgrade recovery – Input your phone’s IMEI.

The LG Mobile Support Tool can fix various issues caused by Software Update.

  • B2CAppUninstall.exe
  • CommonDL.dll
  • IPIN2Client.dll
  • LGMLauncher.exe
  • LGMUpgradeDL.dll
  • LGMobileDL.dll
  • LGMobileDLRapi.dll
  • LGUserCSTool.exe
  • LGbackagent.exe
  • License.html
  • RA.kdz
  • RC.kdz
  • lgAxconfig.ini
  • mfc100.dll
  • mfc42.dll
  • msvcm90.dll
  • msvcp100.dll
  • msvcp60.dll
  • msvcp90.dll
  • msvcr100.dll
  • msvcr90.dll
  • msvcrt.dll
  • msxml4.dll
  • msxml4a.dll
  • msxml4r.dll