LGUP DLL for LG V10 VS990

Download LG V10 (Model: VS990) DLL for LGUP

Here you can download the LGUP DLL for Verizon Wireless LG V10 (Model: VS990) smartphone.

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The DLL was released by LG Electronics Official. It is the LGUP_COMMON.DLL Version

The LGUP DLL Version is used for LGUP Tool to detect the model number and current software version of your LG V10 smartphone.

Download LGUP DLL for LG V10 (Model: VS990)

File Name: LGUP_common.DLL
Release date: Oct 2015
DLL Size: 2.68
Download: LGUP_VS990.msi

How to install LGUP DLL for V10

Just download the LGUP_VS990.msi and run it as an administrator to install the LG V10 DLL for LGUP.

Learn how to use LGUP with LG V10 VS990, PLEASE check this Guide.

Visit this page to download the LGUP 1.14 Software.

if the LGUP is not properly installed, You will get  “LGUP can’t load the model[C:\Program Files (x86)\LG Electronics\LGUP\model\common” error message.

To fix the “lgup cant load model” issue, You need to install a specific DLL for a specific device model.

In fact, Most of the LG device uses lgup_common.dll.

Uppercut.exe is another solution to fix the “lgup cant load model” issue.

The uppercut.exe provided by XDA developer is the simplest way to make LGUP work with your LG device.


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