Download LGUP 1.14

LGUP Tool 1.14 

Here You can download the LGUP software Version 1.14 – The LG flash tool provided by LG Official.

LGUP is the official software for flashing LG device firmware in KDZ, TOT, and BIN formats.

In fact, LG released three editions of the LGUP Software, Namely, the LGUP for Developer, LG UP for Lab and LG UP for Store.

Download LGUP 1.14

Why LG UP Tool?

You can use LGUP to fix your phone if your phone has any of these problems:

  1. Soft bricked – can still boot into download mode.
  2. Stuck in boot screen
  3. Stuck on LG Logo screen
  4. Stuck in a Boot Loop

In fact, you can use LGUP to bypass google FRP on Some LG smartphones.

LGUP TOOL features

1) REFURBISH: You will lose all user data(KDZ or TOT)

2) UPGRADE: Keep data and update your phone(KDZ or TOT)

Select Upgrade to flash kdz firmware to unbrick/restore your phone back to stock.

3) Chip Erase: Dangerous, This will erase IMEI/efs, do not try this if you do not have an NV backup.

Chip Erase can also remove the Google FRP on many LG devices with Android 5.0, 6.0. (Such as LG H345, LG MS345)

4)PARTITION DL:Flash the single Partition or selected partitions onto your phone.

This feature can solve “unknown model” issues. This feature can be used to bypass Google FRP by flashing specific tot firmware.

5)DUMP:Dump all partitions of your phone as software backup.

Dump the stock firmware from a working phone as back up and use Partition DL to restore phones.

6) FOTA Upgrade: This can be used to flash an OTA Update file that comes with dot up file extension.